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Want to put an innovative spin on your special day?

We’ve gathered the freshest international wedding trends for 2019, from the ‘it’ colours and must-have floral designs to tasty food and dazzling décor ideas.

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Colour: Coral

It’s the Pantone colour of the year but also a vibrant, invigorating and timeless hue that is endlessly versatile.

Living coral, to be exact, is a bright, sunny, pinky-orange that’s a perfect addition to an otherwise monotone colour scheme.

Think bridesmaid dresses in a variety of coral shades, a pop of colour in a bouquet or buttonhole flower, or a statement ombré cake.

Whether or not you choose to use the colour of the year, Pantone is a great place to find some inspiration for bold and bright colours to use on your big day.

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, colour - Aleit Weddings

Kasia Waloszczyk

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Move over dainty fresh blooms.

This year is all about big, bold and messy.

Bushy pampas styled with robust flowers such as proteas is one example of this fun and flamboyant style.

Floral designers are also incorporating reeds, branches, palm leaves and seeds into their creations.

Gone are the days of florals being subtle décor add-ons.

Floral installations, giant sweeping bouquets and floral crowns/wearables (even floral jewellery!) are taking centre stage.

MORE is more and we love it.

As the trends shift toward sustainable wedding decor in 2019, couples are thinking more consciously about their wedding flowers.

The overall mindset for wedding flowers will be quality over quantity.

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, florals - Aleit Weddings

Lauren Nicole Photography, Carlie Statsky


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2019 brings us a variety of styles from dark and edgy to soft and minimalist.

Minimalism is what gives a wedding an elegant, pared back look that feels calm and collected when guests fill the venue, allowing the focus to stay on the ceremony, couple and moments instead of the décor.

A minimalist theme doesn’t have to be boring though.

It’s about the layering of textures, incorporating  wood, stone and foliage, and playing with a base colour palette consisting of white, grey,  green and black and then a stand-out colour of your choice or better yet, the pantone colour  of the year!

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, decor - Aleit Weddings

Nicole Leever, Stefanie Keeler Photography

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Lights, please!

This funky trend will quite literally lighten the mood at your wedding.

Neon LED word lights are a very chic new trend which can be used as part of your photo booth or to add interest to a special area of your wedding venue.

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, neon lights - Aleit Weddings

Kaity Brawley via Green Wedding Shoes, Alexandria Hall via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

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The food trend of going more organic, local and sustainable has also trickled down to the wedding industry, with many couples opting for a menu that includes earthy, healthy options.

Food should not only be delicious and flavourful but also a visual feast.

Raw vegetables, artisanal breads and handcrafted cheese are popular menu items.

Meals are still served family style, which guarantees a social way of sharing and enjoying food, instead of the more formal sit-down meal style.

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, food - Aleit Weddings

Andrew Ridley, Chinh Le Duc, Jonathan Borba


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Probably the wedding item that you will obsess over the most, the fashion trend for 2019 is a shift to more minimalistic dressing, such as cropped tops with skirts.

If you do however have a flair for the dramatic, why not add a sprinkling of feathers to your gown?

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, dresses - Aleit Weddings

Grace Loves Lace

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Wedding stationery

Hot trends for 2019 include matte, sheer paper and custom illustrations to really give your invitation and menus a unique look.

You could commission an illustration of yourselves as a couple, of brief the illustrator to match your wedding theme or venue (e.g. local wildlife illustrations).

This will make an invite a very special keepsake for your guests.

You could also break the rules and go with the more eco-friendly option of e-vites and your very own wedding website that tells a story of how you met and got engaged and becomes a hub of information about your big day and your plans for the future.

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, invitations - Aleit Weddings

Heather Liddell & styled by Lucy Chase, Just My Type, Rebecca and Lindsey


Thank you gifts

Actually, this is more a case of ‘no thank you gifts’.

Wedding favours are no longer required – instead couples could donate the money to their favourite charity.

Because, let’s be honest – we all have enough stuff in our lives.

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, neon lights - Aleit Weddings

Gratisography via Pexels

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The jury might be out about the etiquette of asking for money as a gift, however this is what most couples really really want and luckily, technology has been keeping up with the times.

There are ways to incorporate a cash registry with your wedding registry, using sites like Gifttree and Wrapistry, therefore giving your guests an easy way to contribute to your new home / special experience kitty.

Alternatively, skip gifting altogether and encourage guests to make donations to your favourite charity.

The Latest Wedding Trends For 2019, gifts - Aleit Weddings



Let The Planning Begin

Now you have an idea of what wedding trends are in and which you should look at incorporating on your special day.

Whatever your wedding style, let Aleit Weddings help you plan and coordinate the wedding day of your dreams.

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